Frequently Asked Questions

We are one of the only 24-hour facilities in Kansas City. If you are an active member or if you purchase a day pass, you have access to all four facilities any time of the day or night! 

Our staffed office hours are listed at the bottom of each location page. Feel free to reach out to the location manager’s to schedule a tour or ask for account help. 

For the safety of our members and staff we choose not to offer a free trial. If you would like to check out the facility, please reach out to the location manager and ask about our Day Pass to Membership special.

Yes! We just ask that all members register their visit by purchasing a Day Pass. The day pass is valid for 24 hours and allows access to all four facilities, and it can be purchased from our website or with a manager during staffed hours. Click here to get a Day Pass

Our most popular membership option is $25 monthly! Call the location closest to you to inquire about the best fit for you.

Your key fob is the physical gym key that allows you to scan in and access our facilities, we charge $15 for your fob at the time you sign up.

If your fob is ever misplaced, we ask that you notify the location manager as soon as possible in consideration for the safety of members and staff.

You can access the gym by purchasing a membership or Day Pass.

For a Day Pass purchase, you will receive access via our Member App, after you make your account you will get an email with additional information. 

Members receive access to the Member App, as well as a physical key fob.

Member Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! It’s a huge compliment to us when you bring fresh faces to the gym. Please follow the Day Pass link to register the visit. Ask your location manager about our referral program!

Yes. For everyone’s safety, we must have a registry for all visitors that enter our gyms. Failing to scan in or allowing others to enter the facility without scanning can result in a $25 fine on your account. 

Our doors remain unlocked during staffed office hours, but you are still required to register your visit via scanning your fob or your bluetooth access token.

Access our member portal or download the Member App for 24-hour account assistance. From there, you are able to make a payment, update billing information, change your profile picture, access the facilities, and more. For help accessing your account, reach out to your location manager.

There are a few different factors that can cause this issue. Typically, the culprit is typically a missed payment. Check your Member App or chat with a manager!

The first thing you should do when you lose your key is notify your location manager via call, text or email. It is the responsibility of the member to notify the manager urgently. 

It is $15 to replace a lost or damaged fob, please ask your location manager for assistance! 

You can also use the bluetooth access feature from the Member App to access the gyms. 

Yes! We offer a variety of options for anyone interested in personal or small group training. Reach out to your location manager for help getting in touch with a trainer!