Desi Coleman

KCK Manager

Desi Coleman has been a certified personal trainer since 2015. She is a corrective exercise specialist who continues her education through precision nutrition. Desi specializes In weightless by creating a sustainable diet and breaking the cycle of yo-yo dieting. She believes knowledge of fitness and nutrition is the foundation of a balanced lifestyle! Desi offers a variety of personal training and nutrition services including 1on1 training, Tandem training, Small group training, 12 week Slim Down (beginner & intermediate), Virago – Advanced Team Training, Nutrition meal planning/ guidance.

Payton Johnson

Briarcliff Manager

Payton Johnson’s first love is power lifting — a sport in which he’s competed for more than 17 years but his love of fitness doesn’t end here. He also works as a fitness coach, personal trainer and nutrition expert. Payton has extensive physical rehabilitation experience. He is skilled at tailoring a program to a person’s individual needs and fitness goals. Payton manages the Metro KC Fitness Briarcliff location where he also offers personal training six days a week to help clients reach their fitness goals. In addition to all of the experience listed above, Payton is on duty and ready to help you lose weight, clean up your diet or just get in shape.


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